Early Childhood Learning & Education Consultant

Hello… My name is Laurie Danahy.  As an early childhood consultant based in Portland, Oregon, I work with programs, schools, caregivers and families across the country to successfully apply research-based practices in early childhood settings.

• • • • •

I Help Clients:

  • Establish positive, nurturing and responsive relationships in early childhood settings;
  • Promote educational environments that are engaging, productive and culturally relevant, not only in classrooms and homes but also in outdoor and natural settings;
  • Create developmentally appropriate learning experiences linked to state and national standards;
  • Develop language and concept rich interactions that support children’s higher level thinking skills, especially in early literacy, math and science;
  • Provide positive behavioral supports that enrich children’s social-emotional development and inspire their approaches to learning.

My consulting services are customized for each client. I use a collaborative approach to engage people in meaningful conversations, thoughtfully facilitated meetings and interactive workshops. The majority of my work is done on-site so that participants can build a foundation of shared knowledge and sustainable practice.